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Miki Esme is a designer, content creator, journalistfashion stylist, and the founder of『Miki Esme』brand.

She is passionate in helping people and creating happy moments. Her goal is to create a happier world. She is actively participating in events and volunteering to devote herself all the time in serving the community with all she can do.

Miki Esme launched her first blog and forum in 2010. In the same year, she published her first online magazine with her team. Due to the extreme living stress, she decided to let go of her site after reaching over 3 millions views, and continue her full-time study of Mass Communication(Major in Advertising). Meanwhile, she started to self-study about fashion theories and techniques, together with new languages. After graduation, she worked as a communication professional and served companies for years. 

With strong passion and continued study, she works as a freelance fashion stylist during free time. In the hope of communicating with different clients, she is able to speak more than 5+ languages, and is currently learning French.

Miki Esme started her first creative design studio in 2019. The company expanded well with event management balloon decoration too. However, the company was facing crises during the pandemic and was forced to stop during the pandemic. 

With her “Never-Give-Up” spirit, Miki Esme bounced up and launched her brand,⌜REIKAMI⌟ in 2020. Furthermore, She decide to rename her brand to carry her name as『Miki Esme』in 2021.

The Brand


Montreal is the No.1 Happiest City In North America. That’s the city that motivate our founder, Miki Esme who is always in a “Never-Give-Up”  and “ME Love” spirit to start the brand. 

“ME Love” spirit is the concept of self-love and trusting yourself that you can do it!

Women have struggled for equality and against oppression for centuries. Thus, we want to spread our “ME Love” spirit in our Jewelry to every woman in the world in order to create our happier world together.

We believe that women have the right to be loved, women have the right to live freedom, women have the right to live Young, Colourful, and Elegant!!


❤ 100% SAFE for metal allergy skin

❤ Sweatproof

❤ Waterproof

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